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Law firm for business law in Aachen

NS+P Legal – lawyers for entrepreneurs and companies, corporations and institutions seeking interdisciplinary advice, among others.

As a law firm specializing in business law with a focus on corporate law, tax law, inheritance law and employment law, we are a competent partner in the Aachen city region and far beyond its borders. Our idea of interdisciplinary consulting distinguishes us from pure law firms. The knowledge and experience from the areas of tax, audit and consulting, which can be accessed at any time via short routes, complement the legal advice in the overall economic concept.

It is this idea that makes the difference in the quality of consulting for our clients from medium-sized businesses, industry, universities, research institutions, municipalities and other corporations. Working as a team with NS+P tax consultants, auditors and business economists, we are able to examine all aspects that are essential for an economic decision, in addition to the legal aspects.

In our office in Aachen, we create the best conditions for developing suitable solutions with you and for you. Solutions for which we take responsibility. Solutions that we do not leave you to implement on your own. You benefit from our comprehensive advice in all out-of-court and in-court disputes. Qualified advice from a single source results in convincing arguments from which our clients benefit.

Our Competencies

Labor and employment law

Contract drafting and consulting avoid conflicts before they arise.

Hardly anyone can escape labor law. Companies need employees, employees need a job to earn a living.

Our law firm drafts employment contracts in which the relationship between employers and employees is clearly regulated, so that employment relationships are unproblematic.

For all questions in the current employment relationship you will find suitable contact persons with us. If a company has a works council, we help to regulate rights and obligations collectively and to solve problems of co-determination. If an employment relationship is to be terminated because an employee is not working according to the company’s expectations or because his or her job is being eliminated, we help with the preparation and implementation of the separation, including representation in the dismissal protection proceedings.

Our advice is as diverse as employment law:

  • employment contracts
  • employee invention
  • employee leasing
  • termination agreements
  • accompaniment of the operational personnel work
  • transfer of business
  • industrial constitution law
  • company pension scheme
  • compliance
  • management
  • cross-border personnel deployment
  • in-house seminars
  • church labor law
  • collective agreement law
  • variable compensation systems
  • board of directors and managing directors
  • non-competition clause
Consultant for consultants

Even professional colleagues cannot know everything. In particular, niche knowledge and special regulations are sometimes difficult to apply in practice, even for very well-qualified specialists. Due to our interdisciplinary activity, we are in many cases able to help where the specialist or interdisciplinary knowledge of colleagues ends. If you nevertheless wish to provide your clients with professional advice and retain your mandate, we can assist you in handling such problematic cases. Of course, we provide one hundred percent client protection.

Complex issues of this kind arise time and again, particularly in the case of

  • restructuring
  • company succession issues
  • company acquisitions/sales
Inheritance law

It is often almost impossible to predict when an inheritance will occur. It is therefore important to take precautions to avoid undesirable constellations among the heirs or an unnecessary burden of inheritance tax and to prevent claims to a compulsory portion. Once the inheritance has occurred, it is often necessary to decide within a short period of time whether an inheritance is to be disclaimed. If an inheritance of no value is accepted, there are often questions about the possibility of contesting the inheritance and limiting the liability of the heirs. Heirs are repeatedly confronted with claims for compulsory portions and legacies.

In particular, we help with:

  • conception of wills and inheritance contracts
  • inheritance disputes
  • execution of wills
  • transfers by way of anticipated succession
  • succession clauses in partnership agreements
  • limitation of the liability of heirs
Family law

Disputed divorces cost time, money and nerves. We argue for our clients when it cannot be avoided. However, we work out solutions in advance that help to avoid disputes. Company shareholdings in particular should not become the plaything of a war of the roses, since their valuation on the various cut-off dates is cost-intensive and the disclosure of annual financial statements and other information concerning the company is generally not desired. We propose alternatives for ensuring that company and other assets are not included in the equalization of gains.

In particular, we help with:

  • drafting prenuptial agreements and divorce settlement agreements
  • property settlements
  • conception of property law clauses in partnership agreements
  • divorce proceedings
  • adoption proceedings
Corporate law

Companies are rarely run by a single owner anymore. This applies to both commercial activities and freelancers. The cooperation and management within a company and the modalities of leaving have to be regulated.

This starts with the selection of the legal form suitable for your entrepreneurial activity under legal, tax and economic aspects. Once you have decided on a legal form, we prepare the contracts required for your cooperation until they are ready to be signed or notarized. If you are already a member of a company, we will advise you on the obligations and possibilities arising from your contractual obligations. If you cannot find an amicable solution with your co-partners, we will represent you in court and out of court in the dispute.

If it turns out that the decision for a legal form made earlier by you and your co-partners no longer suits the current economic or personal circumstances, we will help you to restructure into another legal form, with special consideration of the associated tax risks.

Our corporate law services include in particular:

  • legal form consulting (e.g. AG, SE, GmbH, GmbH &Co. KG, oHG, GbR)
  • company agreements (articles of association, rules of procedure, consortium, voting trust and joint venture agreements)
  • directors’ and officers’ liability
  • investor litigation and venture capital
  • transformations (mergers, spin-offs, splits, spin-offs and changes of legal form)
  • employee shareholdings
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)/ Corporate acquisitions

The sale or acquisition of a company involves complex problems. We support you with an interdisciplinary team in the valuation and purchase price determination as well as in the detection or avoidance of risks. Risks from entrepreneurial activities in the past and in the future must be determined and evaluated both economically and fiscally as well as legally.

We help with

  • negotiations
  • due diligence (legal, tax and financial)
  • legal structuring of complex transactions
  • accompanying measures and preparations (letter of intent, term sheets, NDA etc)
  • signing and closing processes
Commercial and trade law

The legal relationships among merchants are multifaceted. Particularly as a result of modern manufacturing methods and distribution channels, the legal form of contracts has become increasingly complex. It is no longer sufficient to agree sales contracts between the manufacturer, the wholesaler and the distributor. Mutual obligations in cooperation in distribution and advertising as well as comprehensive liability towards the end customer require differentiated and customized contractual solutions.

The enforcement or defense of claims in civil proceedings is our task if your contractual partner pursues his interests without considering the legal situation. Already during the drafting of the contract, we have an eye on what might be in dispute later on. In doing so, we try to make favorable arrangements for you in advance, so that the dispute is not later decided to your disadvantage.

The legal focus is on:

  • law of commercial purchase
  • law of authorized dealers
  • law of commercial agents
  • general terms and conditions (GTC) and distribution agreements
  • e-commerce consulting
Tax law

Our experience and close cooperation with tax advisors and auditors are the basis for successful support in opposition proceedings of the tax authorities and litigation before the tax courts.

There are often disagreements between the tax authorities and tax debtors about the interpretation of tax regulations. The complexity of German tax law and the continuous enactment of new tax laws and tax decrees lead to a multitude of questions which ultimately have to be clarified by the fiscal courts and the Federal Fiscal Court. With our in-depth knowledge of tax law and decades of experience in litigation before tax courts and the Federal Fiscal Court, we create the formal conditions for a decision favorable to our client.

Together with our tax advisors we help you with

  • tax compliance
  • appeals
  • tax court proceedings
  • appeal proceedings at the Federal Fiscal Court
  • mutual agreement proceedings
  • investigations due to criminal tax law
Economic activity of the public sector

Whether in areas of municipal business law or university business law, we assist the public sector in shaping its economic activities. The complexity of the interplay between private and public regulations with regard to the “whether” and the “how” of the economic activity of the public sector is constantly increasing. In this context, the public sector is increasingly competing with companies in the private sector. We advise on a wide range of issues, including administrative assistance, entrustments, public services and subsidy and grant projects. Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach, we always take into account the tax consequences, especially in the case of:

  • spin-offs and participation of the public sector in companies
  • participation management of the municipalities (from the AöR, over the GmbH up to the special purpose association)
  • training for delegated committee members (e.g. municipal supervisory boards)
  • examination of public procurement and state aid law issues (e.g. structuring of entrustment acts)
  • grant law
  • prohibition of betterment
  • contractual arrangements in the area of research and development contracts
  • value added tax aspects of cooperations, service associations and cost-sharing groups (§ 2b UStG)
  • Public Private Partnership projects (PPP/ÖPP)

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