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Audit with added value in Aachen

NS+P Audit – Understanding companies means more than just seeing numbers.

Let’s be frank: The obligation to prepare annual financial statements is often perceived as a burden. Wouldn’t it make more sense if auditing were more than a burden? More than just looking at figures in the annual financial statements? If it produced real added-value results for corporate management? We think so. Yes. Absolutely. But in order to be able to not only formally examine annual financial statements, but also to interpret them in depth, there must be an understanding of the company and its peculiarities. To be able to provide advice with added value, we therefore want to get to know our clients’ business model and company. We want to understand before we can audit and advise.

Our auditors are sought-after partners in a large number of companies, institutions and corporations in the western Rhineland and especially in the Aachen economic region. They audit the quality and informative value of financial reporting. This generates knowledge that provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of companies. Knowledge that can provide impetus for minimizing risks and increasing efficiency.

We call this “auditing with added value”. And that’s why an audit with NS+P Audit is more than just fulfilling obligations. We are the right fit for you if you are looking for reliable and expert auditors with a long-term focus. Partners who can also be a critical voice for you as an entrepreneur. We also offer auditing services to companies that are not subject to mandatory auditing and are interested in continuous improvement through a critical external view.

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Our competencies in auditing:

  • audit of individual and consolidated financial statements
  • special audits
  • due diligence (tax, legal, financial)
  • business valuations
  • corporate finance
  • audits of the use of funds
  • special audits in the energy sector
  • MaBV audit
  • audit of IT-supported business processes
  • IT system audits and consulting
  • audit of compliance management systems according to IDW PS 980
  • audit of tax compliance management systems (Tax CMS)
  • support during the introduction of compliance management systems

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